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A New York-based actor.

Traveling through life with

laughter, love, and learning.

Julia most recently can be seen performing in the Sound of Music Global Tour with Broadway Asia, where she was Berthe, Understudy of Mother Abbess (performed), and Vocal Captain. 

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A New York-based actor. Traveling through life with,

laughter, love, and learning.

Julia Anne Cohen (she/her/hers) is an EMC actor and educator originally from the beautiful Hudson Valley. When not performing or teaching, Julia is most likely hiking. She has hiked 21 out of the 46 peaks in the Adirondacks! Julia was singing before she was speaking (literally, she was speech delayed and didn’t start speaking until the age of 4). After she saw Phantom of the Opera at the age of 6 she was hooked and knew she wanted to perform. 


Julia made her professional debut at the age of eleven, opening for Billie Jean King’s Salute to Olympic Women Gold Medalists Gala at The Waldorf Astoria. After a few professional opportunities Julia’s family decided to continue raising Julia in the Hudson Valley and foster a childhood with many activities. She traveled to Manhattan School of Music on the weekends, went to states in tennis, and was fortunate to grow up with a wonderful regional theatre, 90 Miles Off Broadway. Julia graduated from New England Conservatory as a Presidential Scholar and Chadwick Medal Recipient where she studied Vocal Performance, Acting, and Music in Education. This past May she finished her masters in Musical Theatre and Vocal Pedagogy at NYU Steinhardt, where she was an Adjunct Voice Professor. 


Julia has always wanted to teach, since her setup in her parents attic, where she pretended to teach 2nd grade. Last Fall she joined the faculty at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, teaching Musical Theatre Singing. She loves playing and creating, finding the magic and joy of music. She always encourages her students to find their unique perspective and voice in the industry, and is excited to see where her own voice takes her. 

This past year Julia was traveling Asia on the The Sound of Music Global Tour where she played Berthe, was the understudy of her dream role of Mother Abbess (performed), and was Vocal Captain. 

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"the cheer in her songs, the spark in her voice, and her beautiful contagious smile inevitbly left everyone in a good mood that night"  -The People's Cauldron


"she helped me build confidence in my voice that I had never envisioned possible" - NYU Student 


Mission statement:

My number one goal as a voice teacher is to help my students learn to share stories through singing, and create the techniques for lifelong singing. I believe in the joy of being silly and playful in our lessons. The singer's mind is very critical and I believe approaching our lessons in a positive light is the best way to foster growth.

My objective as a vocal technician is to help my students find their most natural authentic sound in order to produce their most comfortable singing. I teach through an acting based approach, rooted in full body connection supported through breath support, posture, and a speech driven approach. I believe that singing is much closer to the speaking voice than some might think, and encouraging our natural inflections to carry into our singing voices help create our unique sounds.

I am trained in both classical and musical theatre styles from NYU Steinhardt and New England Conservatory, with experience in both pop/folk singer-songwriter styles. I believe in cross-over training and the ability to sing multiple styles of music in successful and efficient ways. I strive to give my students the tools to successfully grow and learn the music they want to work on. I approach singing with a holistic view and create an inclusive, safe space to help my students flourish into the artists they want to be.

“Julia is a gifted educator who knows how to meet you exactly where you are and unlock your potential as an artist. Whether you have been singing for years or are just starting, she tailors her lessons exactly to your needs. She also creates a safe space for learning that is judgment-free, where you can try new things and explore. No matter what your goals are, you will make progress with Julia as your coach and partner. She is kind, patient and highly skilled at what she does, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” - private student 

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